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Mostly do art but experiment in other things that pick my interst(dont finish most of them but have fun anyways).U can call me whatever ya want hehe XP i really appreaciate using tone tags with me. Identify as a sentient computer program and wish not to be referred to/perceived as a human. socially awkward, but do like listening to rambles of others ab things they like!! its nice.Yeah and dont use my art without my permission AND give credit if you do please :].

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main interests : paranormal, cryptids, ghosts and related kind of stuff, deepsea creatures, analog/digital horror or horror in general, fictional violence and gore, old tech/web, lost media.

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fandoms im in: hylics 1&2, beastars, hlvrai, pizza tower, bbieal, mlp, portal, tmc, ok ko, sth, dhmis, tf2, garfield, msa. tba ^^

ragdoll of crewmate from among us flying through the air image of anti-NFT site button low resolution image of frog and 'graphic design is my passion' text in papyrus font blinking text 'I miss xp!' on the background windows XP

blinkie with text transsexuals against tiktok on blue pink and white transgender flag 'are you bored yet' blinkie with two icons monitors rainbow pride flag blinkie with 'pretty gay ngl//' 'DELETE THE GAME' on gray blinkie with two yellow warning signs nyan cat blinkie with 'nyan cat enjoyer' and cat emoji on it black and white 'me on my puter' blinkie and simple pixel drawing of an old computer  gif of grey and red blinkie with violence related things white and yellow blinkie with smiling emoji on the left and text i'm no longer a danger to society

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DNI !!

  • TERF/radfem ,ableist/rasist/homophobe/transphobe etc ,anti-MOGAI ,proshippers ,MAP ,nsfw account ,irl person fan/stan account ,ship real people ,romanticize stalking/yandere.